An NLAG organized workshop for college students, professionals, and entrepreneurs

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God wants us to steward our finances.

Reading through the scriptures gives us a clear understanding that God has set principles in place when it comes to finances, and this practical one-day workshop is aimed at helping address critical personal and startup finance management topics in order to learn wise habits and principles that can help throughout your lifetime.

Two Tracks - One Day

Personal Finance

This track offers key insights and knowledge that you will be able to use in real-life situations. Loaded with worksheets and assessments, it will influence your key money decisions in preserving and investing your income and managing debt.

Startup Financial Management

Financial literacy is essential for a new and growing entrepreneur. Learn critical knowledge and principles that will help you go beyond numbers and use finance and economics as a guidepost to manage your company.

Personal Finance

This course will help you learn the foundations of personal finance. The goal of this course is to introduce you to a practical and useful way of managing money and avoiding deadly death traps. What will be covered:

✔ Budgeting
✔ Saving and Investment
✔ Income: Debt ratio
✔ Debt management
✔ Taxation and Insurance
✔ Mutal Funds and Equity Markets

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Startup Financial Management

As an entrepreneur you need to know the underlying flow of finances and have a key understanding of managing it, finance has implications for your product/service development, marketing, sales, growth and raising money from investors. Planning to start a business in the next 6 months or already running a business, this course is for you. What's covered:

✔ Business Model and your business
✔ Financial Foundation: Balance Sheet
✔ Financial Foundation: Income Statement
✔ Financial Foundation: Cash Flow
✔ Financial Foundation: Budgeting
✔ Monitoring your finances
✔ What investors are looking for

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Please note that this event is not a startup funding event.

Seminar speakers


Director - Anand Rathi Private Wealth Management

Vimal serves as a director at Anand Rathi, a niche private wealth management firm managing over 4200 families with assets of over 20,000 crores. He has close to two decades of wealth management expertise, and in the past, he has held key leadership positions at Standard Chartered, RBS Coutts and Merrill Lynch.

Joseph Abraham

CEO - Growthfluence and CGILD

Joseph runs a marketing advisory company called Growthfluence. Growthfluence helps clients (including fortune 500 companies) in North America and the Middle East. Prior to this, Joseph served in leadership capacities at RBS and the Great Lakes Institute of Management. He mentors early-stage startup founders in India through various forums.

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